How Do I Teach My Toddler A Bible Story?

How do you explain God to a 3 year old?

2 Tell the child Tell the child that Jesus is God’s son, and that God sent him to Earth to teach everyone how to follow God’s laws and be good people.

Tell the 3 year old that Jesus was a friendly man who came to be our savior because he loves all people, even her..

How do I teach my 2 year old about Jesus?

Teaching My Toddler About JesusPray before meals & bedtime – This might seem trivial, but it’s a great (& easy) way to show Walker how to talk to God and give thanks.Play Christian Music – I play instrumental hymns and praise music throughout the week.More items…•

How do I introduce my children to Jesus?

Here are a few of these tips:Let your kids see your Real Faith. … Apologize often. … Find a good kids’ Bible, and read it routinely. … Spend time playing Legos, and combing Barbie’s hair, and giving back scratches. … Replace a some “secular” books, movies, songs, and toys with some high-quality Jesus-centered ones.More items…•

How do I teach my toddler the Bible?

How to Teach Scripture to Your Baby or ToddlerRead Scripture to Your Baby in the Bathtub.Listen to Scripture Set to Music.Display Bible Verses Where Your Baby Spends Lots of Time.Read Books with Bible Stories and Scripture.