How Many Hours In Front Of The UK Is Sydney Australia?

What’s the biggest time difference from the UK?

The United Kingdom uses British Summer Time (BST) during, you guessed it, summer (from March to October).

BST is one hour ahead of GMT.

And just to confuse the matter further, at certain times, New Zealand is 13 hours ahead of GMT but only 12 hours ahead of BST..

How far ahead of London is Sydney?

9 hoursSydney is 9 hours ahead of London.

What is Sydney time called?

Eastern StandardTimeStandard Time in Sydney, NSW Standard time in New South Wales (known as Eastern StandardTime) is the mean time of the meridian of longitude 150 degrees east ofGreenwich, England.

How many hours are Australia in front of UK?

Time Differences UK/AustraliaNew South Wales Victoria Australian Capital Territory Tasmania9 hours ahead of the UKSouth Australia8.5 hours aheadQueensland9 hours aheadNorthern Territory8.5. hours aheadWestern Australia7 hours ahead

Is Australia 9 hours ahead of UK?

Darwin: 11:30 a.m. Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart: 1 p.m. Adelaide: 12:30 p.m….Australia Versus the UK: Time Zones Explained.PlaceDuring Winter UKDuring Summer UKBrisbane+ 10 Hours+ 9 HoursSydney+ 11 Hours+ 9 HoursCanberra+ 11 Hours+ 9 HoursMelbourne+ 11 Hours+ 9 Hours4 more rows•Nov 10, 2009

Is there anywhere in the world that is 24 hours ahead?

the world revolves in 24 hours so there is no country 24 hours ahead of the USA.

What time is in Australia AM or PM?

Time in States and Territories in Australia (8 States and Territories Listed Below, 3 States and Territories Have Multiple Time Zones)South AustraliaSun 10:23 pmTasmaniaSun 10:53 pmVictoriaSun 10:53 pmWestern Australia (southeast)Sun 9:38 pm6 more rows

Why is Australia so far ahead in time?

Australia is east of here, so they are ahead of us. Eastern Australia uses the GMT+10 time zone, so they are nominally 15 hours ahead of you. But because it’s summer there right now, they add another hour as they observe daylight saving time. … This is where the GMT-12 and the GMT+12 time zones meet.

Which country is 7 hours ahead of the UK?

The GMT/UTC+7 hours offset is shared by several countries countries in Asia. None of them uses Dayligt Saving Time. The time zone offset called for Cambodia, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam is also known as Indochina Time or ICT.

What country is a day behind UK?

AustraliaFor example Australia is ahead of the UK by one day. Which country is the furthest behind on time. Kiribati is in the Pacific Ocean and part of it (The Line Isles) is in time zone +14. That’s the most advanced time on Earth.

How many time zones does Australia have?

threeAustralia is divided into three separate time zones: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Australian Central Standard Time (ACST), and Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

How many hours is London to Australia?

21 hoursThe total flight duration from London, United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia is 21 hours, 37 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway.

Is Sydney 10 hours ahead of London?

London – Sydney: 10 hours time difference Overall, the time difference between Sydney and London has decreased with 1 hour.

What time is Sydney in GMT?

Getting StartedGreenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Sydney, Australia ( in Sydney)6 am GMTis4 pm in Sydney7 am GMTis5 pm in Sydney8 am GMTis6 pm in Sydney9 am GMTis7 pm in Sydney8 more rows

What time in UK just now?

Current Local Time in Locations in United Kingdom with Links for More Information (207 Locations)Lisburn *Fri 9:05 pmLiverpool *Fri 9:05 pmLondon *Fri 9:05 pmLondonderry *Fri 9:05 pm190 more rows

How far ahead of us is Australia?

The center of Australia is 14:45 hours ahead of the center of the United States. PLEASE NOTE: United States and Australia may span multiple time zones. We are using the America/Denver and Australia/Eucla time zones.

What is NSW time now?

Time Zones Currently Being Used in New South WalesOffsetTime Zone Abbreviation & NameCurrent TimeUTC +9:30ACSTMon, 9:36:08 pmUTC +10AESTMon, 10:06:08 pm