Question: How Do I Pay My PLDT Bill In SM?

Where can I pay my Globe bill at home?

Official Payment ChannelsGlobe Online Bills Payment at app.Bayad Centers.SM Bills Payment Center in department stores, Savemore and Hypermarket.ECPay/7-11.Robinsons Department Stores..

How can I pay my Globe bill at home?

STEP 1: Open the Globe At Home App. STEP 2: Go to dashboard and select “Pay Now”. STEP 3: Enter amount you wish to pay. STEP 4: Select payment method: credit/debit card or GCash.

How can I pay my PLDT bill?

Easy to follow steps on how to pay your bills through Security Bank online banking:Log-in to Payment & Transfers tab, select “Pay Bills”.Choose PLDT from the Biller dropdown list then enter your 10-digit PLDT account number.Enter your payment amount.More items…

How do I enroll in BDO skycable online?

1. Log on to BDO Online Banking and enter the One-Time Password sent to your registered mobile number. 3. Select “SKYCABLE” or “SKYBROADBAND” from the list of billers, indicate your SKY Account Number and Account Name, tick “Online Banking” among the Channels for Enrollment then click SUBMIT.

What happens if I dont pay my PLDT bill?

Non-payment. The Subscriber shall pay PLDT delinquency charges amounting to 1.0% per month of the outstanding Total Charges if the Subscriber fails to pay the Total Charges within thirty (30) days after the invoice date.

What is my PLDT account number?

Account number -This is a 10-digit number assigned to you. Always present this number when inquiring or when making a payment (An account number can consist of multiple telephone numbers).

How can I pay my SM bill?

How to Pay Bills at SM MallsGo to the nearest SM Bills Payment counter. … Ask the cashier for two copies of the BPS Validation Slip. … Submit your bill or statement of account along with your slip and payment.Wait for your acknowledgment receipt.

How do I pay my PLDT bill at 7 Eleven?

Follow these steps to pay your bills using Smart MoneyGo to SMART Menu.Select Smart Money.Select Pay Bills.Select Others.Enter the Biller Code 05012 (PLDT).Enter Bill Account Number and press OK.Select source account.Enter Amount (use # or * for decimal point) and press OK to confirm amount.

How can I know my PLDT bill?

In order to view the complete details of your bill, just select “View Billing Statements” tab found on the email notification and type in your password. As soon as your bill is available online, an SMS notification containing your bill summary will also be sent to you.

Can I pay PLDT bills in LBC?

You can pay for your Globe, Smart, Bayantel, PLDT, INNOVE, Belltel, Maynilad, Manila Water, Skycable, Destiny Internet, Pilipino Cable, Cable Link, Insular Life, PhilAm Life, PHILCARE, Paramount Insurance, Cocolife, CocoPlans, Pru Like UK, HSBC, Citibank, MetroBank, EastWest Bank, RCBC Bankard, Equicom Savings, …

What bills can you pay at 711 Philippines?

Transact e-services or pay your bills with ease at a 7-Eleven near you!Aid.Cable TV.E-Commerce.Internet.Loans.Insurance.Banks.Tuition.More items…

Where can I pay my PLDT bill in SM?

SMART bill payments are accepted at all SM Malls and selected Savemore branches. You may pay at any of the 600 outlets in Greater Metro Manila area. Selected stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payments may be accepted at any of the 1,500 Cebuana Lhuillier outlets.

How do I pay PLDT in cebuana?

How can I pay PLDT bill in cebuana?Go to any Cebuana Lhuillier branch and tell the staff that you will be making a Bills Payment.Hand over your slip and cash (no checks please) to the cashier.Wait for our confirmation email.

How can I pay my PLDT bill in BDO over the counter?

Via BDO website:Log in to BDO Online Banking using your user ID and password.Click “My Quick Links” and choose “Credit Cards Bills Payment.”Select Auto Charge Arrangement. Fill out the form provided and then click Submit.

How do I pay my 7 Eleven bill?

Just follow the easy steps outlined below to complete your payment.Go to any 7-11 branch and look for the Cliqq touch-screen payment kiosk. Select Bills Payment and display All Billers. … Hand over your kiosk payment slip and cash (no checks please) to the cashier.Wait for our confirmation email.

What is Dragon pay?

Dragonpay provides an alternative channel for purchasing goods or services from the Internet. Our online payment solution allows buyers and sellers to conduct e-commerce without the use of traditional credit cards or PayPal, which have very low penetration in developing countries such as the Philippines.

How do I pay BDO online banking?

*Log in to your BDO Online Banking account at Enrollment > Company/Biller > Enroll.Fill out the Enrollment Details and click submit.Once enrolled, go to Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills.Fill out Payment Details and click Submit.