Question: How Do I Request Flexible Hours?

How do I ask my boss for part time hours?

How to Ask to Make Your Job Part-TimeCheck on Company Policy.Prepare Your Case.Review a Sample Proposal.Be Ready to Address Potential Pain Points.Don’t Surprise Your Manager.Briefly Explain Why You Want to Go Part-Time.Suggest a Trial Period.Be Prepared to Negotiate..

How do you negotiate a 4 day week?

How to negotiate a four-day work weekWhere to start. But how do you make that case? … Give examples. When making your case, it can also help to note how a shortened work week has helped other companies. … Anticipate challenges. … Consider your budget. … Suggest a trial period.

How can I convince my boss to give me more hours?

Q: How do you politely ask your boss if they can increase your hours without sounding demanding or pushy? Politely. Just approach him and ask if you may speak with him a few minutes. Ask him if your work has been satisfactory by saying something like, “First, I want to be sure my work has been okay.

How do I write a request to reduce hours?

You can write it as a formal business letter or use a memo format.Address the Appropriate Person. Address the letter to your immediate supervisor. … State Your Request. State your request for reduced hours. … State the Benefits. … Explain Your Reasons. … Explain How the Work Can Be Divided.

How do I ask for less hours at work?

9 Tips for Negotiating Fewer Hours at a Day Job (Without Getting Fired)Know What You Need.Time Your Request Right.Think Like Your Employer.Emphasize the Benefits for Your Boss.Go In With a Plan…6. … But Be Open to Alternatives.Consider Benefits.Offer a Trial Period.More items…•

How do I ask my boss to work 4 days a week?

How to Pitch a 4-Day Workweek to Your BossThink about who else the change would affect.Make your pitch clear, detailed, and empathetic.Decide if you’re comfortable taking a pay cut.Make the transition as smooth as possible.Set boundaries and avoid the temptation to work.Make the most of your day off.

What are the types of flexible working?

The different types of flexible workingPart-time. If a full time member of staff wishes to go part time, they can make a flexible working request. … Compressed hours. … Zero hours. … Annualised hours. … Term time hours. … Job sharing. … Shift and night work contracts. … Flexi-time.More items…

How do I request a change of hours at work?

How to request a schedule change at workDetermine exactly what you’re requesting.Understand what kind of request is appropriate and realistic for your company.Schedule a meeting with your manager.State your case.Set clear expectations.If approved, transition as professionally as possible.

How do I ask my boss for flexible working?

To improve your chances of success, here are the top seven things to bear in mind when you’re asking your boss for flexible working: Be confident. … Make it worth their while. … Remind them you’re still ambitious. … Don’t say ‘you can’t cope’ … Discuss what your new role will be. … Bring it up in a new job.More items…•

How do you ask for flexible hours at an interview?

Start by asking questions about this during the interview process—rather than approaching the employer with your own demands. You can ask clarifying questions about the company culture, how they prioritize work-life balance, and even the company’s views on flexible work arrangements in particular.

Can I ask my manager for less hours?

If you are paid hourly, and your reduced hours do not create problems in terms of coverage then many employers will be fine with giving you reduced hours as, essentially, a perk. I routinely reduce scheduled hours for employees, at their request, so that they can have more time for school, family, and other issues.