Question: How Long Does It Take For Nintendo To Repair Joycons?

Is Nintendo still fixing joy cons for free?

Nintendo will reportedly fix “drifting” Joy-Cons for free.

Nintendo will reportedly repair Switch Joy-Cons with the “drifting” problem for free.

Nintendo will not charge for Joy-Con repairs and will refund those who paid to have their controllers fixed, according to a leaked memo received by Vice Tuesday..

Do all Joycons get drift?

Joy-Con drift is the name given to an issue some Switch owners have experienced with one or both of their detachable controllers. They have found that movement is being detected by their Switch even when they are not touching the thumbstick on a Joy-Con. … Reports of Joy-Con drift are not isolated, neither.

Why are Joycons so expensive?

User Info: ai123. Joycons are expensive to manufacture. They pack a lot of tech into a small space. Teardowns indicated that Nintendo was originally selling them at a loss, though parts may have got cheaper over time.

How much does it cost to repair Joycons?

Fed-up players had to either send their controllers to Nintendo to have them fixed — for about $40 — or buy a new Joy-Con for $80. According to a Vice report on Tuesday, the company now has a new policy: It will no longer charge for repairs, and refund the repair fee to those who have already paid it.

Why does my joy con drift?

What is Joy-Con drift and what causes it? Joy-Con drift is when Joy-Con register input where there is none. This means your character, or a reticle, could move in a direction without your input. This problem was first reported early on in the Nintendo Switch’s lifecycle.

Are joy con repairs still free 2020?

Nintendo began issuing free repairs for controllers afflicted with Joy-Con drift shortly after the lawsuit was filed. … Notably, the Joy-Cons are built into the system — they can’t be replaced or unattached. Just over a week after the Switch Lite was released, the new console was added to the class-action lawsuit.

Why does my left Joy con moves by itself?

What is “Joy-Con drift”? Joy-Con drift is an issue that Switch owners have been encountering over the last few months that causes the analog sticks on the controllers to randomly move around and input commands to the console, even when they’re not being physically moved.

Are Joycons covered under warranty?

Be it an issue with the Joy-Con, kickstand, or something else, you are covered by Nintendo’s limited warranty for 12 months. That’s the standard length for any Nintendo console, including the Switch and the Nintendo 3DS line. Games and accessories sold separately carry a three-month warranty.

How do I contact Nintendo about joy con drift?

If you purchased your Nintendo Switch or controllers in the United States or Canada and have the Joy-Con Drift issue on your controllers, click here to head to the Joy-Con repair page on Nintendo of America’s support website. Alternatively, you can call Nintendo of America support directly at 1-800-255-3700.

Do New Joycons still drift 2020?

Problems with the Joy-Con cropped up pretty much as soon as the Switch launched in 2017, and it’s downright baffling that we’re still dealing with them in 2020 – especially the now infamous Joy-Con drift.

Why does my left Joycon keep disconnecting?

If you’re still having troubles, try manually disconnecting the JoyCons in the system settings. To do this, navigate to the Home screen then go to System Settings, Controllers and Sensors, and then Disconnect Controllers. This will clear all paired controllers and prompt you to re-pair the JoyCons.

Why is my right Joy con not working?

Nintendo recommends making sure your system has all updates to fix any firmware issues. Then, try power cycling the switch, detach the joy con, reset the joy-con’s connection by pressing the Sync button and then a button on the controller. You should be able to attach it and the Switch recognize it.

How long does it take Nintendo to repair joy con?

about two to three weeksTypically our repair process takes about two to three weeks from the time you ship it out to the time you receive it back. There is always a possibility that there may be delays either during shipping or during the repair process but we don’t have any information about any known delays at this time.

Can you still send Joycons to Nintendo for repair?

The memo is in regards to the Joy-Con issue that has plagued gamers and that Nintendo Support is tasked with not asking for proof of warranty or purchase when getting their controllers fixed. … But if it these steps don’t work, gamers can send their Joy-Cons for repair for no charge, according to the Vice report.

How long does it take for Joycons to drift?

The fix takes 2 minutes to do and that one bottle will last me and my friends a few years. My first pair was under three months. My second pair is a year old and hasn’t drifted yet. Some drift in a few weeks and some in a few years, you can’t predict this beforehand.

How do I get my Nintendo Joycons fixed?

If you are currently experiencing this “Joy-Con Drift” issue, be sure to go to to submit a ticket so you can get yours repaired for free. If you have an existing or completed repair order, call in (US & Canada) to 1-855-548-4693 to get your refund.