Question: What Is An Example Of Intricate?

What is a intricate sentence?

highly involved or complex.

Examples of Intricate in a sentence.


It took me months to put the intricate puzzle together..

What is wordy sentence?

Wordy sentences use too many useless words that clutter writing. Good writing is simple and direct; it uses the simplest word possible that conveys the same meaning. … If you can remove a word while keeping the sentence’s meaning, the sentence is wordy.

What is another word for detailed?

What is another word for detailed?fullthoroughcompletecomprehensiveexhaustiveminutespecificelaborateexactmeticulous137 more rows

What does lavatory mean?

1 : a vessel (such as a basin) for washing especially : a fixed bowl or basin with running water and drainpipe for washing. 2 : a room with conveniences for washing and usually with one or more toilets the airplane’s lavatory.

What is meaning of complicated?

Use complicated in a sentence. adjective. The definition of complicated is someone or something that is hard to understand or something that is hard to untangle. A romantic relationship that involves more than two people is an example of complicated.

What does intricate fabric mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin‧tri‧cate /ˈɪntrɪkət/ ●○○ adjective containing many small parts or details that all work or fit together → complex intricate patterns► see thesaurus at complicated —intricately adverb intricately woven fabricExamples from the Corpusintricate• a pair of intricate beaded …

What does incur mean?

verb (used with object), in·curred, in·cur·ring. to come into or acquire (some consequence, usually undesirable or injurious): to incur a huge number of debts. to become liable or subject to through one’s own action; bring or take upon oneself: to incur his displeasure.

What does lingered mean?

verb (used without object) to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave: We lingered awhile after the party. to remain alive; continue or persist, although gradually dying, ceasing, disappearing, etc.: She lingered a few months after the heart attack.

What does unbidden mean?

not: not bidden : unasked, uninvited barged in unbidden.

What does Ravel mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to become unwoven, untwisted, or unwound : fray. 2 : break up, crumble.

What is intricate process?

Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate: an intricate pattern; an intricate procedure. Difficult to understand, analyze, or solve for having many interconnected elements.

What is a convoluted argument?

: very complicated and difficult to understand. convoluted logic. a convoluted plot. The argument was so convoluted [=intricate, involved] that most people missed the point.

What things are intricate?

adjective. having many interrelated parts or facets; entangled or involved: an intricate maze. complex; complicated; hard to understand, work, or make: an intricate machine.

Is intricate positive or negative?

Intricate (adjective) means complex, elaborate or difficult. It can be used to describe the tangled or winding nature or something. The word intricate can have a positive and negative connotation, depending on how it is used in a sentence.

What’s another word for intricate?

Some common synonyms of intricate are complex, complicated, involved, and knotty.

What is another word for infuriated?

What is another word for infuriated?angryiratefuriousincensedenragedlividoutragedangeredballisticindignant232 more rows

How do you avoid wordy in a sentence?

Eliminating WordinessUse the Key Noun. (the doer of the action) as the Subject of the Key Verb (the main action in the sentence). … Use Active Voice rather than Passive Voice Verbs. … Avoid Unnecessary Language. … Use Nouns rather than Vague Pronouns as Subjects. … Use Verbs rather than Nouns to Express Action. … Avoid a String of Prepositional Phrases.

What is an example of a concise sentence?

Example sentence #1: When I started my own business, it has given me a whole new perspective to see the bigger picture when it comes to finding a work / life balance. Clear and concise version: Starting my own business has given me a new perspective on work / life balance.

What are wordy phrases?

A redundant expression says the same thing twice, and doublespeak avoids getting directly to the point. Both are examples of wordy expressions. Other such expressions use more than one word when one word is simpler and more direct—for example, using the phrase in the vicinity of instead of near.