Question: What Is The Antonym Of Blunt?

Who smoked the first blunt?

Bushwick BillBushwick Bill was the first person to smoke a blunt with me.

He was the first person to actually split open a Phillies and gut it and then…

fill it back up with chronic and smoke it with us.

We had never seen that before..

Is 51% a majority?

Erroneous definitions of majority include “50% +1” and “51%”. For example, say a board has 7 members. A majority would be 4 (more than half of 7).

What is the synonym of blunt?

In this page you can discover 98 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for blunt, like: forthright, pointed, dull, round, unpointed, brusque, curt, bluff, gruff, candid and frank.

What is majority antonym?

majority. Antonyms: inferiority, juniority, minority.

What is majority mean?

the greater part or number; the number larger than half the total (opposed to minority): the majority of the population. a number of voters or votes, jurors, or others in agreement, constituting more than half of the total number. … the state or time of being of full legal age: to attain one’s majority.

What is the opposite blunt?

Antonyms for blunt polite, tactful, subtle, pointed, sharp, needled.

What is blunt slang for?

noun. Blunt is defined as a slang word for a marijuana cigarette wrapped in a hollowed out cigar. An example of blunt is the method many marijuana smokers use to smoke marijuana in the hip hop community.

What does Minority mean?

Minority, a culturally, ethnically, or racially distinct group that coexists with but is subordinate to a more dominant group. As the term is used in the social sciences, this subordinacy is the chief defining characteristic of a minority group. As such, minority status does not necessarily correlate to population.

Why do they call a blunt an L?

History and etymology Blunts take their name from Phillies Blunt brand cigars, although any commonly available inexpensive cigar or cigarillo may be used, depending on suitability and availability. Other common synonyms for a blunt include “El-P” or “L” (from the El Producto brand) and “Dutch” (from Dutch Masters).

What does it mean to smoke an L?

smoke a L. A euphemism for smoking crack. Most crack pipes are shaped somewhat like an “L,” where the vertical line is the barrel of the pipe and the horizontal line is the bowl where the crack is placed. Heard in the lyrics of Ride Wit Me by Nelly: If you wanna go and take a ride wit me.

Is blunt rude?

Being blunt is being honest, but often in a rude manner. Being direct is being honest and genuine while remaining diplomatic and respectful. They are both forms of honesty, but the difference is all in the tone and feel.

What’s another word for straight up?

Straight-up Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for straight-up?uprightverticalcockedon endsheersteepstraight upupendedupwardbolt upright20 more rows

What is a word for speaking your mind?

What is another word for speak your mind?be frankmake yourself be heardbig upchip inspeakmake yourself hearddeclaremake plainassertspeak loudly13 more rows

What is the antonym of blunt answer?

What is the opposite of blunt?subtletactfulaffableurbanerefinedcourtlygentlemanlyladylikeinsincerefeigned110 more rows

Is being blunt a good thing?

Being blunt is not the problem, having low social intelligence is how blunt people offend. … However if you give straight, direct answers that make people feel bad then yes it’s bad. It’s ok to be blunt, but don’t be brutally honest. Don’t put people down and pass it off as ‘I’m blunt’.