Question: Why Can Spotify Not Verify That I Am A Student?

How can I get Spotify Premium free forever?

By following the steps below you can enjoy free spotify android for free forever.Step 1: Uninstall previous spotify version, if you have any.

Step 2: Modded or Hacked spotify app: Install it from here.

Step 3: Install the Latest spotify premium APK.

Step 4: Login or Signup to enjoy Spotify premium for free..

How do I keep Spotify student?

Re: Student Discount no longer applies to me When you subscribed to the Student Discount it was for a period of up to 12 months. Once this period ends, you need to activate another Student Discount offer. This way you’ll enjoy Premium for up to 12 more months. And to activate it, just head to:

Can I change my Spotify Premium to student?

Re: Change premium to student account Yep! All you need to do is sign up at and the discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date.

Why is Spotify student discount not working?

Re: Spotify premium for students discount not working Spotify uses the good folks at SheerID to verify your student credentials. If you’re having trouble signing up, you can submit for manual verification (this can take up to 12 hours to process). For more info, check out the SheerID FAQ.

How long does it take for Spotify to verify student?

28 daysStudent verifications can take up to 28 days.

Can high school students get Spotify discount?

The same as we High School students still don’t have a discount. There is no functional barrier to providing this service to High School students. This is just plain weirdness Spotify. It isn’t because of concern of a High School student’s disposable income, lots of high school students have plenty of money.

Is there an app like Spotify but free?

Grooveshark Grooveshark is a comparable service that provides free on-demand music streaming with ads. Over 30 million people use Grooveshark globally. … Like Spotify, Grooveshark offers a downloadable desktop application. Other capabilities include radio-streaming and uploading your own music.

Why is Spotify asking if I’m in college?

It’s likely a psychological experiment. They want to find out what percentage of their user base is honest and/or sober. I’m enrolled in a family plan and received this, I used to have Spotify student membership.

How do I verify I am a student on Spotify?

What to Do When Automatic Verification FailsNavigate to, and click GET STARTED.Log into your Spotify account.Click Manually verify. … Enter your information and click Next Step.Click Choose File.Select your proof of enrollment, and click Open.More items…•

Can you get Spotify for free if you are a student?

Get 3 months free: Premium Student with Hulu and SHOWTIME Available only to students at an accredited higher education institution. 3 month free only open to higher education students who haven’t already tried Premium. Terms and conditions apply.

How does SheerID know I’m a student?

The SheerID platform is able to verify if an individual meets your requirements by bumping customer-provided data (usually first name, last name, and DOB) against authoritative data sources without actually seeing the data.

How much is Spotify Premium forever?

You can download Spotify offline, enjoy ad-free extreme-quality songs, skip unlimited tracks, etc. The problem is that the premium subscription charges $9.99 per month which is not cheap.

How do you get the student discount on Spotify?

Students at accredited universities can now pay half price for a Spotify Premium subscription, bringing the cost down to $5 per month. To sign up, you must login through the student section of Spotify’s website, and enter your name, college, and date of birth.

What is SheerID verification?

SheerID is a third-party verification service that works on behalf of retailers to check and verify military credentials. For information on our services, visit us at … We are looking for an official document that clearly shows your first and last name and a clear affiliation with the military.

Did Spotify get hacked?

Here’s why your Spotify account might have been hacked and how to secure it. … Unfortunately, a quick look around social media suggests that there has been a noticeable uptick in users reporting that their Spotify Premium accounts have been “hacked” and accessed without their permission.

How does Unidays verify you are a student?

student email address and creating a password. You then need to verify that you are a current student at our university. … Then press send email. You should see a “check your student email inbox” to complete the verification process.