Quick Answer: How Do I Extend My GoSURF50?

How can I extend my gosurf50 for free?

To Register to GO SURF50: Text the keyword GOSURF50 and send to 8080 (You can also register via *143# using your Globe smartphone or by availing it through your GCash app.) To claim the FREE 1GB daily: For GoWATCH and PLAY, text GS50 WNP and send to 8080.

For GoSHARE and SHOP, text GS50 SNS and send to 8080..

Can I extend my GoSAKTO promo?

No. Your Freebie is not extendable. If you want to continue streaming and playing for free, you may register again to an eligible GoSAKTO promo to receive your free Watch and Play MBs.

How do you stop gosurf50?

To unsubscribe from GoSURF, text GOSURF STOP to 8080.

Is gosakto70 available in TM?

GLOBE/TM Prepaid :GOSAKTO70 now Offers up to 9 GB DATA & All-Net Texts For 70 Pesos in one week. … For more info, text WNP INFO to 8080. Your free 1GB for videos and games just got better! You can now GoWATCH from YouTube, iflix, Viu, iWant and other video apps, and PLAY new games such as Rules of Survival and Free Fire!

Can gotscombodd70 be extended?

GOTSCOMBODD70 is valid for 7 days, but you can extend it for up to 30 days! Take note that this will only extend the duration of your regular mobile data, and not the 1GB/day data allocation for Facebook, Instagram and GoWatch and GoPlay apps. … Your unconsumed mobile data will be added to your new subscription.

How do I extend my EasySurf50 2020?

How to register Free Extend for EasySurf50Register to EasySurf50 promo, text EASYSURF50 to 8080, or EZ50 to 8080.After you’ve successfully registered EasySurf50, text FREE EXTEND to 8080.Wait for the successful confirmation message stating that your EasySurf50 promo has extended for 1 day.

Can you extend gosurf50?

How to Extend GoSURF50. If you still have remaining data and you don’t want to lose them when your GoSURF promo expires, you can extend it for another 24 hours by texting GS EXTEND to 8080.

How many GB is GoSURF50?

1 GBGet on the bigger and better GoSURF50 GoSURF50’s 1 GB of data gives customers 700 MB to surf all sites while the remaining 300 MB can be used to access free content from the roster of lifestyle packs available.

How can I share 1gb data in Globe?

Globe/TM Share-A-Load via *143# To access Globe/TM USSD code feature Share-A-Load/Promo/MB, just dial *143#, navigate My Account > Share-A-Load/Promo/MB > choose your desired share-a-load service: 1. Share Load w/o PIN > Enter amount 1-150 > Enter 10-digit number of recipient Ex.

How do I claim freebies on EasySurf50?

Moreover, you can also register to EasySURF50, including the freebie of your choice directly with the following keywords:Text EZ50 SS or EasySURF50SS to 8080 for EasySURF50 with Share&Shop freebie.Text EZ50 WP or EasySURF50WP to 8080 for EasySURF50 with Watch&Play freebie.More items…•

How do I extend my gosakto70?

Just type GOSURFBE34 and send it to 8080. You can also extend up to 30 days for just P121. 00. Just type GOTSCOMBOGBF121 and send it to 8080.

How do I extend my secret surf 50?

How To Extend Any TM Promo Up To 365x For Only 5 PesosJust text EXTEND to 8080.Dial *143# on your phone. Navigate > Call and Text Promos > Extend.To know the status of your TM Extend subscription, text the existing promo keywordBAL to 8080.For example:

How do you stop Sakto 70?

How To Stop Globe GoSakto Promo Subscription. Just text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 and wait for the SMS notification. Send them a message regarding your concern.

Does gosurf50 stack?

Yes, you can register to GoSURF again. Registering to GoSURF will stack your remaining MB with the MB allocation of the GoSURF promo you are registering to. Your GoSURF promo will follow the GoSURF promo with the later expiry.