What Are Bold Words In A Book?

What is the function of the phrase or words in bold?

By contrast, a bold font weight makes letters of a text thicker than the surrounding text.

Bold strongly stands out from regular text, and is often used to highlight keywords important to the text’s content..

What does the bolded word mean?

Bolded word means a word that is bolded. Bold words are words that are made darker usually thicker letters. Bolded word means a word that is bolded. Bold words are words that are made darker usually thicker letters.

Is Bold positive or negative?

Thus during a single task the BOLD signal is slightley negative and than positive. BOLD signal simply correlates to T2* signal, who itself is a value of desynchronisation of protones over time.

Why shouldn’t you type your emails in all caps?

For this reason, etiquette generally discourages the use of all caps when posting messages online. While all caps can be used as an alternative to rich-text “bolding” for a single word or phrase, to express emphasis, repeated use of all caps can be considered “shouting” or irritating.

What is the purpose of bold print?

Bold print is print that is darker or brighter than the rest of the sentence. Authors use bold print to signal important information or new words. Italic print looks like this. Authors use italics to signal important words, new ideas, or foreign words.

What do italicized words mean in a book?

Italics are used primarily to denote titles and names of particular works or objects in order to allow that title or name to stand out from the surrounding sentence. Italics may also be used for emphasis in writing, but only rarely.

Can you text in italics?

Every app has to come up with their own way of adding these effects. For eg., if an app has support for HTML, then you can use YOUR TEXT for bold, etc. … Or you can use *YOUR TEXT* to get bold, _YOUR TEXT_ for italics etc.

What are some bold words?

adventuresomeaudacious.bold.brave.courageous.daredevil.daring.dashing.gutsy.More items…

Is it OK to use bold in email?

If your email contains more than one very important point or question, use bold or underline to make those parts of your message stand out. Just beware of going overboard with font formatting—you don’t want an email that’s entirely italicized, bolded, and underlined, after all.

When should I use bold text?

Bold is used to highlight the text and capture the readers’ attention. The bold tag is used for strong emphasis. When you feel like emphasizing something, you need to first consider using the italics, only use bold text if you are not satisfied by the emphasis the italics did to your text.

Is bolded a real word?

Bold is available as a verb and bolded would be its past tense, but it’s more usual to use embolden. There is no entry in a dictionary for the verb “bold”. … It would be natural to assume that the word bold can belong to this category of new uses of a word (since it has other meanings as an adjective).

Is underline a font style?

Underline ~ Like bold and italics, underlining can also be used to place special emphasis on one or more words but this tends to have limited use on web pages since underlined text is also the default font style for hyperlinks.

Do you bold colons?

Nevertheless, many styles state that a colon should never be made bold after a boldface word. The third example strikes me as one where the colon should not be bold. The colon is part of the sentence, and does not logically “belong” to the word Maryland. … They act as separators between the italic words.

How do you indicate thoughts in writing?

Thoughts can be shown by using italics—or not. This is often a style choice made by the author or publisher. … Thoughts can be shown by using thought tags—or not. … Thoughts can be shown directly, using the first-person present tense, or indirectly, using the third-person past tense.

Is typing in bold rude?

3. Don’t abuse the bold, italics and underline styling. While these features can be used to emphasize a point, too much of a good thing goes bad quickly. An email full of bold, italicized and underlined text could come across as aggressive, or even rude.

How do you express thoughts in writing?

If you’re writing fiction, you may style a character’s thoughts in italics or quotation marks. Using italics has the advantage of distinguishing thoughts from speech.

What does bolo mean?

long heavy single-edged knife: a long heavy single-edged knife of Philippine origin used to cut vegetation and as a weapon.

What does writing in bold mean?

To bold only certain terms or phrases certainly makes a point of making a point. To think otherwise is, well, silly. You’re bolding, therefore the words bolded have more emphasis.