What Does FC Mean In OSU?

How do you change your AR in OSU?

F4 in Edit mode, “Difficulty” tab, and adjust slider(s) accordingly.

Hold shift while dragging if you want decimal values..

What is the highest pp play in OSU?

#PPPlayer12662.81rondured22607.53c00kiezi v231501.2c00kiezi v241478.59c00kiezi v289 more rows

What does pp mean?

written abbreviation for pages: used to refer to particular pages in a book or document: see pp 56-58. COMMUNICATIONS UK. written abbreviation for per pro: written in front of a person’s name when you sign a letter or document for them: Yours faithfully, Chris Turner, pp Rebecca Collings.

What does pp mean in OSU?

performance pointsIn Osu!, pp stands for performance points. There are two main contexts to consider pp in, at the beatmap level and at the account level.

What is a full combo?

Full Combo, more commonly abbreviated as FC, is the term that refers to beating a song while correctly playing every note without overstrumming. This is different from simply scoring 100% on a song, since one can “break” (reset) their Multiplier, by overstrumming, and still play 100% of the notes.

Does Ohio State have computer science?

Computer and information science students can pursue either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. The BS involves a more substantial computing component and more of a science focus than the BA. Both degree programs are offered through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

How good is Ohio State University for computer science?

About Ohio State University OSU is considered one of the better universities when it comes to Computer Engineering and also Networking. It ranks #46 according to U.S. News’ ‘Best Global Universities Ranking’ list.

What does AR mean in OSU?

Approach rateApproach rate (AR) is a beatmap difficulty setting that defines when hit objects start to fade in relative to when they should be hit or collected.

What does OD mean in OSU?

Overall DifficultyDetailed OD chart. Notice: On the beatmap page, Overall Difficulty is listed as Accuracy. Overall Difficulty, commonly abbreviated as OD, defines how difficult it is to achieve high accuracy.

What is CS OSU?

OD-Overall difficulty. AR-Approach rate. CS-Circle size.

Can you lose PP in OSU?

No, you don’t lose PP for bad plays. You lose PP when people beat you in your other scores. Just focus on improving and pushing yourself for scores that challenge yourself, and your PP will naturally go up.