What Does Instinctively Mean?

What is another word for easily?

What is another word for easily?effortlesslysmoothlyquicklysmartlyswimminglyuncomplicatedlyeasywith easewithout difficultywithout effort224 more rows.

What is another word for naturally?

Naturally Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for naturally?normallyspontaneouslygenuinelyunaffectedlyartlesslytypicallyunpretentiouslycommonlygenerallynatch17 more rows

What is a sentence for instinct?

Instinct sentence examples. The moment had made him acutely aware of the instinct to replicate. It’s just an instinct I have about him. He wasn’t sure which instinct was stronger.

What mimicry means?

Mimicry, in biology, phenomenon characterized by the superficial resemblance of two or more organisms that are not closely related taxonomically. This resemblance confers an advantage—such as protection from predation—upon one or both organisms by which the organisms deceive the animate agent of natural selection.

What does lurk mean?

to lie or wait in concealment, as a person in ambush; remain in or around a place secretly or furtively. to go furtively; slink; steal.

What does meticulously mean?

adjective. taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough: a meticulous craftsman; meticulous personal appearance. finicky; fussy: meticulous adherence to technicalities.

What is another word for instinctively?

What is another word for instinctive?automaticmechanicalintuitionalnativesubconsciousunpremeditatedknee-jerkvisceralemotionalinbred131 more rows

What is instinctive example?

The definition of instinctive is something ingrained or something you just know, rather than something you have to be taught. A mother’s love for her baby is an example of something that would be described as instinctive.

What is instinctual behavior?

Innate behavior is also called instinctive behavior. Instinct is the ability of an animal to perform a particular behavior in response to a given stimulus the first time the animal is exposed to the stimulus. In other words, an instinctive behavior does not have to be learned or practiced.

What is another word for expected?

What is another word for expected?anticipatedawaitedpredicteddueforecastscheduledslatedwantedpromisedcoming26 more rows

What does Indistinctively mean?

(ĭn′dĭ-stĭngk′tĭv) adj. Lacking distinguishing qualities; not distinctive. in′dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.

Is instinctual a real word?

“Instinctual” appears more frequently in scientific writing and refers to the notion of behavior itself, while “instinctive” may sometimes be reserved to describe specific behaviors. The adjectives instinctive and instinctual are very similar and used similarly in many contexts.

Is Instinctiveness a word?

Instinctiveness Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for instinctiveness?awarenessinsightinsightfulnessinstinctintuitionintuitivenessperceptionperceptivenesssensitivitysense25 more rows

What is instinctual energy?

There is a group of selves/energies that exist in our psyche, who are a part of our instinctual heritage. In our civilised world the instinctual energy of the Jungle Animal is often a disowned self/energy. …

What is the meaning of instinctive in English?

1 : of, relating to, or being instinct. 2 : prompted by natural instinct or propensity : arising spontaneously an instinctive fear of innovation— V. L. Parrington. Other Words from instinctive Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about instinctive.

What is the strongest instinct in humans?

SP is the instinct with the strongest boundary up, and SO has a preoccupation with the self and its relation to others.

Should I believe in my instincts?

Gut instinct, or intuition, is your immediate understanding of something; there’s no need to think it over or get another opinion—you just know. … Because of this, trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself. Listening to your intuition helps you avoid unhealthy relationships and situations.

What does naturally mean?

1 : by nature : by natural character or ability naturally timid. 2 : according to the usual course of things : as might be expected we naturally dislike being hurt. 3a : without artificial aid hair that curls naturally. b : without affectation speak naturally.