Where Are OBB Files Stored?

Where does bluestacks store OBB files?

Within Internal Storage, go to Storage DCIM and open SharedFolder, where you can locate the obb zip file that you imported..

What does obb stand for android?

Opaque binary blobOpaque binary blob (OBB) is a term used in network engineering and computer science to refer to a sizeable piece of data, which looks like binary garbage from outside, by entities which do not know what that blob denotes or carries, but make sense to entities which have access permission and access functions to them.

How do I copy files to BlueStacks 4?

Inside BlueStacks, open the Media Manager which is available in the More Apps option given on the Dock. … Now, select the media file you want to export by long-pressing the left click of your mouse on it.Once you have selected the media file, click on Export to Windows as shown below.More items…•

How do I move files in BlueStacks media manager?

Here is a short guide to help you out.Step 1: Open your Bluestacks App player and click/tap the systems app.Step 2: Access the Media Manager. … Step 3: If you want to import files, select the “Import From Windows” option. … Step 4 A: Select the file you want to import from your laptop / PC and click/tap open.More items…•

Where do I put OBB files?

So just click on the Android folder and then tap on OBB folder (if you don’t see the OBB folder, just create a new folder and name it OBB) and your selected path will be like this sdcard/Android/obb. Then click OK for the file to extract to the OBB folder and after that, you can now play your game.

Where is my OBB folder Android?

To locate OBB files, the easiest way is to use an advanced file browser. You need to go to the phone memory and then go to “Android” and choose the OBB folder. When you install a game manually, the “OBB” and “DATA” files are usually attached to the “APK” game.

How do I copy a PUBG file?

Head over to Phone Storage> Android > obb and delete the com. tencent. ig folder as well as the folder with the same name in the Android > data location. *Now, go to the folder where your file sharing app stores the received files.

What is MOD APK?

In simple, A MOD APK is a modified version of an original APK(Android Package). … Mod APKs may have extra features, unlocked features, unlimited inApp/Game currency(for games), sometimes extra support, and many other modifications and add-ons (including malware and Spyware) .

How do I move files in BlueStacks?

From BlueStacks, open “BlueStacks Settings”, click “Import Windows Files” and click Proceed . A file chooser dialog will appear where you can select the file you want to import (tips: you can select multiple files by holding Ctrl and clicking other files). Finally, click Open .

What is an OBB file?

An OBB file is an expansion file used by some Android apps distributed using the Google Play online store. It contains data that is not stored in the application’s main package (. APK file), such as graphics, media files, and other large program assets. OBB files are often stored in a device’s shared storage folder.

How do I download obb?

How to Install an OBB File?Download the Apk File on your Android device.Enable the “Unknown Sources”. To do it, follow this path. → Settings > Security settings > Unknown sources.Install the Apk file.Now, download the OBB file.

How do I delete OBB files?

The best and easiest way to delete obb files is that go to file manager and go to either internal or external storage and then go to android and obb. Inside it delete the obb files that you want to delete releated to application.

How do I delete all PUBG files?

Go to Play Store & search for PUBG & You will see Open/Uninstall option. Click Uninstall. or.You just need to tap and hold the PUBG icon until it shows you the app options, Then click on Uninstall Option.

Is it safe to delete OBB files?

The answer is no. The only time the OBB file gets deleted is when the user uninstalls the app. Or when the app deletes the file itself.

How do I move OBB files to SD card?

Since an OBB subfolder does not exist in the Android folder on your SD card yet, you’ll have to create one. Use the three-dot menu button to select New Folder, then name this folder obb. With that done, simply tap the Clipboard button and hit Paste to move your files into the new folder.